Thanks DOC BC for sponsoring my Hyperlocal workshop

DOChyperlocal1websizeOn Wednesday this week DOC BC presented: 6 YEARS AND COUNTING: Reflections on The Hyperlocal Documentary at the Pull Focus Film School. I had a great time, and I hope that my experiences with The Little Mountain Project will inspire others to take a more active role in the stories that they tell. Thank you to friends, supporters, DOC members and all the sponsors who make events like this possible.  A shout out to my friend Claire Yargeau, who had the brilliant idea to take out her Iphone and snap photographs during the event.

DOChyperlocal3websizeAnd a reminder to DOC members that our annual AGM and holiday/year end party is on November 26th. Check your email for the event notice with time and place.

David Vaisbord

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