Joan Chang: 1943 – 2014

Joan Chang passed away last night.

Joan Chang 1943-2014

Joan Chang 1943-2014

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2 thoughts on “Joan Chang: 1943 – 2014

  1. Hello Rider,

    Ingrid and I were with Sammy on the night he held Joan’s hand and said goodbye to her for the last time.

    Sammy is doing OK with the constant care and attention of Ingrid Steenhuisen, who checks in with him every day and accompanies him to all of his doctors appointments. She has been a tireless advocate for both him and Joan through their countless health challenges of the past year and a half, and a keystone of their quality of life. Karin Nicholetti has also been a major component of their health network, but medical professionals at VHG will agree that Ingrid’s considerable knowledge of health issues facing seniors has made her an essential part of the of the health care net which has keep them alive.

    It’s a story that needs also needs to be told.
    David Vaisbord

    ps: There should be an INGRID STEENHUISEN AWARD for selfless service and compassion within communities.

  2. Ah too bad. They were a pair; Sammy vigorous, and Joan certainly essential. How is Sammy doing, I wonder…
    I last saw them a couple months ago in the cold at the corner of 33rd and Ontario. I asked if they wanted a ride somewhere, but Sammy said “No, we walk!”
    Will go checking for a service, watch here for updates. I bet there’s some history. Wonderful that David’s stays in regular touch with the LM people: thanks David! I hope as many as possible will attend whatever service there might be, to support Sammy.
    Rider Cooey

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