Victory – 2012

This battle has been won owing to the concerted efforts of many!
The last tenants of The Little Mountain Housing Project will not be evicted by BC Housing!

Firstly, I want to recognize the last residents of Little Mountain for their heart and tenacity. It’s been their fight from the beginning. Ingrid Steenhuisen, Sim and Joan Chang, and Karin Nicholetti have been fighting eviction for over 4 years, and this news must come as a bitter sweet vindication, as they remember the community they once lived in – one that was demolished without just cause in 2009.

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What was not saved by the recent decision by BC Housing and City of Vancouver.

What was NOT saved by the recent decision by BCHousing and the City of Vancouver.

OCT 25,2012


2 thoughts on “Victory – 2012

  1. The process will resume some time in 2014 as soon as Holborn has completed a Rezoning Application. When it comes up for public review the Little Mountain Advisory Group will meet to discuss it with Vancouver city planners.
    I will post the date, and will be there with my camera.

    David V

  2. hey i used to live in little mountain, im wondering if you know if and when neighborhood meetings are occuring about the new buildings

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