Housing for All with SCARP

This is the last day of the UBC’s SCARP’s (School of Community and Regional Planning) Housing for All: a series of events on the future of public housing

Vaisbord installs "Sim's Garden" in InterUrban Gallery, Vancouver Canada May 2015

Vaisbord installs “Sim’s Garden” an installation art work, at the Interurban Gallery, Vancouver Canada May 2015

I interviewed International delegate Anaclaudia Rossbach from Brazil, for the Champions of Little Mountain documentary.  She is the Regional Adviser for Cities Alliance.  Rossbach offers an international perspective on housing difficulties in Canada, as well critique of the last 7 years of the Little Mountain Housing Project.

Congratulations to Dr. Penny Gurstein and her team of graduate and undergraduate students for putting on such a fine series of events.

UBC SCARP's Penny Gurstein introduces Keynote Panel.

UBC SCARP’s Dr. Penny Gurstein introduces Keynote Speaker and Panel at InterUrban Gallery: Speaker:  Peter Marcuse  Panel (L-R) Ray Gerow, Anaclaudia Rossbach, Ethel Witty, David Hulchanski. Wednesday May 20, 2015

David Vaisbord and Ingrid Steenhuisen (Community advocate and Little Mountain resident)at Community Dialogue at Dodson Centre, Friday May 22, 2015

David Vaisbord (filmmaker, educator, advocate) and Ingrid Steenhuisen (Community advocate and Little Mountain resident) at Community Dialogue at Dodson Centre, just prior to their interview with CBC Radio’s “On The Coast” Friday May 22, 2015.

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David Vaisbord

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All Candidates Meet to discuss Vancouver Housing

Last night I attended SCARPE – UBC’s School of Community and Regional Planning’s all candidates debate at UBC Robson Square. Housing Debate 2014_websize

This meeting is required viewing for the upcoming election, and you can click on the link at the bottom of the page to view it.


I was very impressed with Cope’s Lisa Barrett, two-time former mayor of Bowen Island, and Adriane Carr of the Green Party.


One City’s RJ Aquino has his heart and policies in the right place, and I have a huge amount of respect for David Chudnovsky, who’s the fire behind One City.


Meena Wong met with audience and debate participants afterward. I spoke with her after the debate and agree with her housing policies. If she wins she will be the first woman and person of Asian descent in the mayor’s chair! They say that she has an uphill battle against the Vision machine. This will be an interesting election!


The entire debate can be viewed here:

Kudos to Dr. Penny Gurstein and colleagues at SCARP for putting together a great event.

David Vaisbord
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