Housing for All with SCARP

This is the last day of the UBC’s SCARP’s (School of Community and Regional Planning) series of events on the future of public housing http://www.futureofpublichousing.ca/

Vaisbord installs "Sim's Garden" in InterUrban Gallery, Vancouver Canada May 2015

Vaisbord installs “Sim’s Garden” an installation art work, at the Interurban Gallery, Vancouver Canada May 2015

I was pleased to accept the  invitation to exhibit iterations and excerpts from The Little Mountain Project and speak at the conference. A detail from “Sims’ Garden”, an element from an installation art work displayed at the Interurban Gallery is currently the banner photo for the Little Mountain Project website.

Congratulations to Dr. Penny Gurstein and her illustrious team of graduate and undergraduate students for putting on such a fine series of events.

UBC SCARP's Penny Gurstein introduces Keynote Panel.

UBC SCARP’s Dr. Penny Gurstein introduces Keynote Speaker and Panel at InterUrban Gallery: Speaker:  Peter Marcuse  Panel (L-R) Ray Gerow, Anaclaudia Rossbach, Ethel Witty, David Hulchanski. Wednesday May 20, 2015

David Vaisbord and Ingrid Steenhuisen (Community advocate and Little Mountain resident)at Community Dialogue at Dodson Centre, Friday May 22, 2015

David Vaisbord (filmmaker, educator, advocate) and Ingrid Steenhuisen (Community advocate and Little Mountain resident) at Community Dialogue at Dodson Centre, just prior to their interview with CBC Radio’s “On The Coast” Friday May 22, 2015.

Following Wednesday’s Keynote address, there were academic sessions Thursday and Friday morning at the University of British Columbia. In addition, on Friday afternoon there was a well attended Community Dialogue at the Dodson Centre (25 East Hastings) from 1pm to 5pm.

If you missed the Media and Art Installation at the Interurban I hope to soon have a few of the 4 Interurban screens streaming on this site, as well as a full length interview with International delegate Anaclaudia Rossbach from Brazil, Regional Adviser for Cities Alliance.  She offers an international perspective on housing difficulties in Canada, as well critique of the last 7 years of the Little Mountain Housing Project.

I also wish all of the delegates a safe journey home and renewed inspiration for their projects around the world.

All for now,
David Vaisbord

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