Over the past seven years the process of filmmaking at Little Mountain has become the product, and a community has come together to tell its story. With that in mind, it’s time to acknowledge those who have pushed it forward, from within the community, and beyond it.

First, I would like to acknowledge the generous support of the BRITISH COLUMBIA COUNCIL FOR THE ARTS, whose financial support has energized The Little Mountain Project in many significant ways since the beginning, and I would like also to thank the many generous supporters of the Little Mountain Film Crowdfunding Campaign. Over the months of May and June 2014 they gave me the faith and financing to begin to push the Little Mountain feature documentary film toward the finishing line.

There is always work to do so feel free to contact me, if there is anything you think you could add to the ongoing process, or the story of The Little Mountain Housing Project.

Here are some of the many people who have contributed to our success.

Goran Basaric
Mike McKinlay
Randy Chatterjee
Nova Ami
Flick Harrison
Ric Beairsto
Alan Gilbertson
D’Arcy Hamilton

Doug Kerr
Tom Suski
Maksim Bentsianov

Maksim Bentsianov
Warren Daske
Al Flett
Jimmy Reynolds
Rafi Spivak
Vera Finina
D’Arcy Hamilton

Assistant Editing:
Peter Hadfield
Desiree Leal
Graham Kew
Michael Kling

Text Editing & Design
Weave Cleveland
Naomi Singer
Jenna Rodgers
Kimberley Tomasson
Bob MacNevin
Basil McMahon

Production Coordinating:
Gillian Greenfeld
Desiree Leal

Digital Photography:
David Suggit
Stephen Lemay
Dennis Abel

Production Assistance:
Lauren Gill
Clementine Hiltner
Christopher Bevacqua
Deborah Rurak
Jeanine Longley
Moise Mastai
Andrea Wrobel

Laura Hope
Documentary Organization of Canada
Simon Fraser University
Emily Carr University of Art+Design
The supporters of my Little Mountain Film Crowdfunding Campaign

Nayeli Santos
Raphael Puyana

Web Development:
Rob Costco
Lucas Johnson

Residents of Little Mountain Housing (Past and Current)
Ingrid Steenhuisen
Antonia Steenhuisen
Sam Chang
Joan Chang
Karin Nicholetti
Julie Hung-Lee
Jas and Laurie Slater
Sherwinne Vincera
Magdalena Gracie
Susan Wagner
Richard and Alana Zubot
Enoch Lin
Gerome (and family)
Rosario Maria Ouillette
Keith Scott
Red 1

And many more former residents.

And also:

Former MLA, David Chudnovsky
Don Davies MP Vancouver Kingsway
Former City Councillor Ellen Wordsworth

The Riley Park South Cambie Visions Group
C.A.L.M. Community Advocates for Little Mountain
The Renters Union

Downtown East Side Residents Association (DERA):
Sabrina Druina
Cedrid Carter
Kirsty MacKenzie

Vancouver City Planning – Ben Johnson and his colleagues – Major Projects – Little Mountain
James KM Cheng Architects

Dr. Penny Gurstein Ph.D. and her team of graduate students at the UBC School of Community and Regional Planning

There are too many to list here (and I don’t know all of your names – but I would like to) so I will simply applaud: The Community Advisory Group of the Little Mountain neighbourhood.

David Vaisbord
The Little Mountain Project Team

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